American Sign Language Video Dictionaries and Quizzes

The Functional Group approach to American Sign Language introduces ASL vocabulary  in a natural context. Grouped units are used to form a cohesive vocabulary collection and provide continuity in word acquisition.  The Functional Group approach emphasizes language in context: Observing the animal kingdom, locating things around the house, participating in significant life experiences. The Functional Group approach is ideal for use  in a classroom environment where  English is a Second Language .

Click an image to open a category. Select a unit. On the first frame of each unit, click each  image to see the ASL sign played for that image. Study the signs for each image in the opening frame. Then click through the rest of the unit to be quizzed on what you have just learned.

Category: Animals

At the Zoo In Another Land On the Farm Under the Sea
In Frozen Territory Creepy Crawly In the Forest

Category:  Around the House

In the Kitchen In the Living Room In the Bathroom In the Music Room
In the Sewing Room In the Yard

Category:  Food

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Fruit

Category:  People

Occupations 1 Occupations 2 Occupations 3 Occupations 4
Occupations 5 Occupations 6 Sports 1 Sports 2
Sports 3 Sports 4 Sports 5 Family
At the Park Hospital 1 Hospital 2 The Body
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