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I get an error message from time to time requesting me to install a plug-in for Flash. I have the latest Flash player. What's up?


If NONE of our videos are playing for you and you see one of the images above (instead of our videos) your browser is recommending a plug-in:

Adobe Flash player, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are frequently updated at the same time. If you have recently updated your browser or flash player, and if you see the first image above, (especially if you are using Firefox) please update both your browser and your flash player to the latest versions. (Note: If your computer is set to automatically apply updates, this dual compatibility effect can take place without your even knowing it, as one piece of software updates and another does not.

Alternatively, if you see the 2nd image above, you should first update the Adobe flash player at: 

(If you do not want MacAfee Security Scan or True Key by Intel Security installed with the update, be sure to uncheck those options in the middle gray window on Adobe's download page.)

The Firefox browser plug-in for Flash player can be updated here:

If both your flash player and your browser are at the latest update versions and you are still having problems on our site, please see the issues and fixes posted below.

I can see some of your files playing, but not all. Have you seen the PC vs. Mac commercials on TV? Well, a similar "quality issue" exists between browsers: Microsoft IE vs. Firefox, when it comes to playing flash files. (Microsoft, if you haven't sued Mac yet, please don't sue us!)

This is a user browser issue (IE7). We apologize that the browser issue is so confusing to our users. The "problem" with IE arose with version 7 and, we believe, has been "fixed" by updates to that browser from Microsoft, but we are just not sure what the future will bring. Adobe keeps changing the flash player and Microsoft keeps changing its browser AND its operating system.  Two situations that are totally outside our control.

The only really reliable exchange that we have been able to find between a browser and flash is with Firefox (with the flash player plug-in). Links for each will be found below.

Please note: Even if  you can see "some" of our videos play, but not all, you are still experiencing a browser issue. 

Whether you are using IE or Firefox, you will need two things to view (ALL)  the videos: 1) The CURRENT Flash player for your particular browser (each is different) and 2), if  you are using Firefox,  the plug-in for Firefox.  

Other factors and other software (like QuickTime), plus Automatic updates that happen without your knowledge, can all influence your ability to watch flash videos - from our site or any other.. 

It is beyond our ability to individually diagnose your particular issue. (We "would," if we "could.")

To find a solution for the situation you are experiencing, please read on.

Internet Explorer 7 - Flash Issues Here's a new IE7 fix sent in by one of our users:

If you have tried the other fixes (see below) and still get the "white screen," be sure you have set as a "trusted" site in your browser. Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Trusted Sites > Sites  (add

I'm having trouble with the school quiz me site. It did work at one time but recently, when I signed in it first brings up the page that says I am logged in and asks "What do you what to do?" But when I press a choice the next page says I am not logged in. The same thing happens for the students.

Or --

I have been using the site for quite a while now. But, suddenly I cannot view the quizzes. Has something changed at the site?

NOTHING! affecting the play of our videos has changed at the site. Some change has been made to your browser settings. Microsoft often does this without your knowledge through "Updates." The QuickTime player can also do this (in reference to flash files) without your knowledge. Please check out ALL viewing problems addressed in the FAQ.

This answer is for both teachers/students and general users:

The site requires cookies to be turned on (for teacher and student accounts) and javascript to be enabled (for everyone) in your browser. 

Windows IE 6.x Browser: Select Tools. Select Internet Options. Select the Privacy tab. Under "Settings," move the slider down from "Block all Cookies" or "High" to either "Medium High" or "Medium."

Also, check:

Tools > Internet Options> Security Tab > Internet > Custom Level > Security Settings > Scripting > Active scripting (Enable)

You might also consider installing and using Firefox as your browser. You can run both IE and Firefox on the same machine - even at the same time!

If you choose to install Firefox, you will also need the Flash Player for Firefox. Here's a handy link to the "common" plug-ins page for Firefox:

Firefox Plug-ins



I cannot see your videos running. All I see is a small square with a "red x" in it. If all you see for a video is a "red x," right-click the red x. If you do not see information about your version of the Flash player, you do not have the Flash player installed.  You can get a FREE installation from  

  I cannot see your videos running, but I know I have Flash Player installed. All that I see is a big white space. Why is this? In order to see our videos, you must make sure of these things:

1) You must have at least Flash Player 6 and Internet Explorer 6 (or Firefox 2) installed. 98% of internet users already have the Flash Player installed, but if you fall into that 2% or your version is less than 6, you can get a FREE installation from To check your version of the Flash Player, right-click on any video (whether you can see it playing or not). A pop-up window will display  the Flash Player version at the bottom of the window.

2) You must start your visit to ASLPro at our Main Page: If you bookmark a page inside our site and then use that bookmark later, you might not be able to see our videos play.

If you have had the "bookmark experience," CLOSE your current browser window, OPEN a new browser  window, and RETURN to our Main Page at With FLASH PLAYER 6+ installed, you can then navigate FROM OUR MAIN PAGE to the various site options and see the videos playing without any problem.

4) Check your firewall settings to make sure is not being blocked.


I cannot see your videos running, but I know I have Flash Player installed. All that I see is a little ball going across the bottom of the video. Why is this? Same answer as above.

  I can't see your videos running either, but I know I have Flash Player 6 installed. What I  see is a big gray space. Why is this? Our site videos are designed to be viewed with Adobes's Flash Player 6.0 or higher. The gray space that you are seeing indicates that a QuickTime Player has tried to appropriate the flash format. Perhaps you have recently installed QuickTime or the QuickTime player has performed an automatic update without you being aware.

Therefore, you will need to tell QuickTime that it cannot try to open Flash files (undo the flash file type association in QuickTime.). Your QuickTime player might be different, depending on the version, but here are the basic steps to solving your problem:

Start the QuickTime player through your Start Menu. Under "Edit," choose "Preferences." Then, if you see a drop-down menu, choose "File Associations." Under "File-type Associations," uncheck the option for  File type: "Flash file" or extension ".swf."

Your version might have a somewhat different way to access File Associations, but if you can "un-associate" flash files from the QuickTime player, you will be able to see our videos and the QuickTime player will remain the video player for the other file types you leave checked in File Associations.


  I can see your videos OK, but they always run in super slow motion the first time through. After that, they play fine. Why is this? Our site is designed to be run on a 300 Kbps DSL (or faster) connection. If you are viewing the site on a 56k modem or a slower DSL line, you can still participate in the site, but the videos will play slower the first time you play them. Once a video has fully loaded, it will replay at normal speed.

By the way, the site is best viewed at 1024x768 resolution.


I am using a Mac and my problem is this: The first word I click on in a dictionary plays fine. But after that I cannot get a video to play unless I first click the alphabet letter again. This is a known limitation for Mac users at our site. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help you out here. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope the benefit you receive from the site will outweigh this disadvantage.

I can't hear any audio, even though I have audio turned all the way up on the player. The player we use is an "all-purpose" player. For consistency, we use it throughout the site. None of our dictionaries use audio. But, some of the pages in our "More ASL Learning Tools" collection do. Sometimes you will hear audio and, sometimes, you will not.

Is your site content available on CD or DVD? This would be helpful for dial-up users. As of right now, we have made the decision that will only be available online, not through CD or DVD distribution. Our first priority, for the time being, is to make a premier educational tool for use in the classroom, under the supervision of a qualified ASL teacher. And, toward that goal, all of our time is invested in site revisions,  completions, and new program offerings.

  How can I be sure your signs are accurate? What are your qualifications? Please keep in mind that should not be used as a stand alone tool to learn American Sign Language. is designed for use by classroom teachers as a facilitating resource under qualified teacher supervision. 

Although we make every effort to insure that our signs are accurate, mishaps can occur when linking the files or from other technical errors. If you think a sign is inaccurate, we would be pleased if you would report the error, using our Contact Form.

Our About Us outlines the qualifications of our teachers/interpreters. Please also see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.


  I've never seen some of your signs before. Are you sure they are correct? Please keep in mind that should not be used as a stand alone tool to learn American Sign Language. is designed for use by classroom teachers as a facilitating resource under qualified teacher supervision. 

As you know, ASL signs can represent many words (depending upon context) and English words can be represented by many signs. Signs also vary by regional setting. (Our models are located in the state of Texas.)

"Tornado" - for example - can be signed as displayed on our site or can also be signed by T's facing each other, rotating around each other, and rising to the right.

Which sign a teacher (and our Sign Modelers, as well) chooses to use is a matter of personal choice and/or frequency of use in the regional setting. We want to make as complete as possible. But, unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity, yet, to post all available alternate signs for a specific word. If you see a sign that you do not recognize, you should certainly continue using the sign that your teacher has taught you. He or she has chosen the best signs based on your regional usage.

We are pleased to make our site available to the general public and love it when we receive comments from our users. Thank you.  However, please keep in mind that has been created as a reference tool to be used primarily in the classroom for ASL students at many different learning levels.

The mature Deaf user or already proficient ASL user, arriving at our site, will find some of our signs different from what they might use. While a mature user might fingerspell some of the signs where we do not, please bear in mind that a new student of ASL needs a basic vocabulary to launch their studies. They cannot fingerspell well as a new signer. Neither can a two-year-old be expected to fingerspell a large number of words, even if they are "short" words.

And, indeed, while our database is growing rapidly, we cannot include "every" sign used in every region of the United States. We have added alternate signs for many of our words and will continue to expand as time permits. Our technology does not allow us to display the regional/national origin of our signs. If you have a question about any sign, be sure to ask your instructor for clarification. He/she is your best resource for learning ASL.

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.


  I notice that most of your signs do not include facial expressions or lip movement as they would be in normal ASL conversation. I was wondering, “Why?” There is a two-fold response to this answer.

First, some facial expressions form the initial sound of the word being signed.  This would allow students to simply lip-read rather than concentrate on the sign itself.  As our quizzes pull from our Sign Database, we purposefully omitted this type of facial expression. 

Secondly, we are aware that some of our signs lack necessary facial expressions (different from those explained above).  Each of our valued Sign Models are different and have different levels of facial expressions.  As we continually improve the site, we are aware of the need to improve facial expressiveness.

Please keep in mind that should not be used as a stand alone tool to teach American Sign Language. is designed for use by classroom teachers as a facilitating resource under qualified teacher supervision.  We are mainly a reference tool, and our signs will be similar to signs found in most ASL dictionary resources in book form, which also omit facial expressions and lip movements. 

Again, we want to thank you for visiting, and for keeping these site limitations in mind while viewing the content.


  You don't have one of the signs I was looking for. Can the sign be added? With a database now containing thousands of words, we are no longer accepting requests for new signs. We are focusing our energies, instead, on the development of new tools for classroom teachers. Thank you for your understanding.  
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